Super Bored
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We are who we are.

We want nothing and everything.
We do what calls us.
We believe in us.
We dream for us.

We're on a journey to us.
Destination: unknown.

And we’re going wherever our journey leads us.

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Super Bored

What is a balloon without air? A silhouette without shadow? A melody without pause? Yang without yin?

What is life without balance?

The Negative Space is breathing room. Creative room. Recreative room. Where you can be yourself. Human. Express, explore, and process the negativity within you and within others. The shadow. The Yin.
So that you reemerge into the light.

And come back again.

The Negative Space is also where SuperBored embarks on the journey of exploration.

Starting with The Crying Sesh.

A series of virtual gatherings offering a safe space for collective vulnerability, where you have all the freedom to express your darkest, innermost emotions, without any pressure to feel otherwise. Where you can enjoy live music that echoes and resonates with your emotions.
And where you can participate in guided breathing/meditation to let out and let go.

The healthiest way for us to get past any hardship is not to deny or fight it, but to face it, process it, and release it. Let’s do that.

The series will host alternative healing/meditation practitioners but is not intended as a professional healing tool.

To register, click here.

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